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The UN Brief interviews Mark Blyth, Director of the William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics and Finance, William R. Rhodes ’57 Professor of International Economics, Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs at the Watson Institute, at Brown University, to speak about his book Angrynomics, that he co-wrote with Eric Lonergan, a macro hedge-fund manager, economist, and author. Lonergan has written for Foreign Affairs, the Financial Times, and The Economist.

Interview with Chris Fabian, Head of Innovation at UNICEF

Interview with Bill Tai to speak about impact investing, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We also spoke about the UN Joint SDG Fund, and the upcoming event that will take place parallel to the UN General Assembly with the participation of Lisa Kurbiel, Director of the Joint SDG Fund, and David Rubenstein, founder and Co-Executive Chairman of Carlyle.

Take a listen:

Bill Tai

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Interview with Diplomat Alejandro R. Cardoso

Maya Plentz interviews Mr. Alejandro Ramos Cardoso, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Mexico, New Zealand, to discuss digital diplomacy, and the ways that it has changed foreign policy.

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The UN Brief interviews Steve MacFeely, Chief Statistician, UNCTAD.

Data, data, data everywhere. What are we to do with this tsunami of data points? How are the UN humanitarian agencies to harness the power of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning?

Interview with Swiss Ambassador Jurg Lauber

Interview with Ambassador Jurg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland at the UN Office in Geneva, and Chair of the UN Open Ended Working Group for Cybersecurity. We spoke about the OEWG mandate to define the directions to create a framework to establish international technical cooperation.

The UN Brief interviewed Mr. Dan Thomas, Chief Communications Officer, about the history of the UN Global Compact, an initiative of the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

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The Science of Digital Diplomacy

Maya Plentz interviews Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Professor at the Political Science Department at the University of Copenghagen, on her most recent research, the pervasiveness of digital tools and how they impact the way diplomats communicate, and the tidal of change brought by social media to foreign policy.

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Interview with John Wilbanks on the UN World Data Forum

Interview with John Wilbanks, Chief Commons Officer, SAGE Bionetworks, on the Road to Bern event organized by the Swiss Confederation. In cooperation with the United Nations, the Swiss Confederation is organising the United Nations World Data Forum 2020 (UNWDF), to be held from 18 to 21 October 2020.

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Interview with Joel Nielsen on Virtual Leadership Training at the UNHCR

Maya Plentz interviews Joel Nielsen, Chief of Leadership Development at United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), on how an innovation mindset is critical for managers, diversity and inclusion, how UNHCR is adapting its leadership programs to the virtual world, his career in the private sector as well as the UN, and the UNHCR Innovation Lab.

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Interview with Frank Kelcz, Venture Capitalist, and Co-Founder and Partner at 2Y3X, a program for startups that want to scale-up. We spoke about 2Y3X proposition, its consultants that helped the digital transformation at BBC and Amnesty International, his career as the publisher of PC Magazine, and what makes readers buy a publication.

The UN Brief spoke with Swiss Ambassador Nicolas Bideau, Head of Presence Switzerland, the office responsible for promoting and branding Switzerland abroad, at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). We spoke about how Switzerland’s small villages and its surrounding Alps can be the perfect Summer vacation spot, why its universities rank among the top 200 in the QS University Rankings, and what makes Switzerland a global leader in health tech, its Crypto Valley, biotech, and the pharma industry.

This week we interviewed Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at the cybersecurity firm Independent Security Evaluators, to speak about his career, what keeps him awake at night, and what makes him get up in the mornings.