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Maya Plentz, Editor in Chief

Maya Plentz is the founder and publisher of The UN Brief. She covers the United Nations, its agencies, and other multilateral organisations, under the prism of emerging technologies both its regulatory aspects as well as how it impacts international cooperation.

Steve MacFeely

Steve is the Head of Statistics at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

He writes a column about data governance and the SDGs for The UN Brief.

Arthur Atangana

Summer 2020 Fellowship

Arthur scanned news related to autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Check the newsletter he wrote during his Fellowship here.

Contribute to The UN Brief. We are looking for reporters to cover emerging technologies and its impact on government, the UN, its agencies, the EU, and other multilateral organisations.

Remote positions only. Looking for international relations, digital media, and political science students and recent graduates based in Vienna, Bonn, Copenhagen, Berlin, The Hague, New York.