South-South IP Landscape is Changing. Innovation is Everywhere.

What the global ecosystem of innovation looks like at the present? Have we seen an uptick in the number of patents in the area of health tech at WIPO in the last year? How to create robust environments for innovators to thrive? How emerging economies are investing in human capital to foster innovation? To answer these questions we interviewed Mr. Marco Aleman, the Assistant Director-General for Intellectual Property and Innovation Ecosystems, at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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As a WIPO official Mr. Aleman assists countries in drafting their IP laws and policies. He has worked at WIPO for the past 20 years, raising through the ranks, and is an internationally recognized intellectual property lawyer, regulatory frameworks and treaties negotiator, and Law professor.

He has contributed to IP developments at the multilateral level, on the work conducted at the Committee on IP and Development (CDIP) on patent-related flexibilities, and on the promotion and implementation of multilateral treaties in the field of patents, including the Paris Convention (PC), the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) and the Budapest Treaty (BT).