Geneva, 28 August 2020 — The UN Brief interviewed technology investor Bill Tai to speak about impact investing, the Sustainable Development Goals, the new wave of technology and digital transformation we are seeing, and how venture capital is looking to do well by doing good. 

Bill has logged-in 30 years in Silicon Valley, first as a chip-designer, then as an investor in deep-tech, enterprise software, and consumer startups, in 150 companies, 20 of which went public. Besides his impressive track-record as an investor he is also an avid kitesurfer, who cares about the oceans, leading an annual fundraising event for marine protection in Richard Branson’s island.

What he looks for in the companies he invests? How he became the first backer of Zoom, and why he invested in the Australian graphic design startup Canva? How emerging economies are poised to create technology companies that are truly global, have social impact, and are scalable? We addressed these and other questions on the subject of Internet infrastructure and software.

We also spoke about his collaboration with the UN Joint SDG Fund, a new financial instrument to accelerate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the upcoming events that will take place at the UN in October and November, with Lisa Kurbiel, Director of the Joint SDG Fund, and Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein. Take a listen:

“What Lisa Kurbiel is doing with the UN Joint SDG Fund is really amazing. The UN is in a particularly unique position to one carry the message forward but also to foster engagement and involvement at a government level.” 
Bill Tai

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