TikTok. TikTok. TikTok. It is all over the news. Copycat Facebook jumping like a tiger. But the real tiger is steady, and international organizations are jumping with it. The IFRC has been leading and IOM – UN Migration runs along too.

This week we interviewed Luca Lamorte, who is in charge of making social media tic at the United Nations agency for migration, the International Organization for Migration, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

We spoke about how social media is giving communicators in international organizations and global non-governmental entities a leg up on the outreach to younger and not so young generations.

Everybody likes good content and TikTok makes the task of explaining what IOM does fun, fast, and memorable.

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Maya Plentz is based in Geneva, Switzerland. She covers technology and innovation at the United Nations and its agencies, for The UN Brief, a subscription-based news platform, and a digital-first news site.

She started her career in the news as a science and technology reporter at Bloomberg TV, in New York City. Plentz enjoys working in fast-paced, data-driven news environments.

At the UN, she covered international conferences, including the first gathering of world leaders to discuss the impact of new technologies in society and the economy, the World Summit on the Information Society organized by the UN agency for telecommunications, the International Telecommunications Union, and UNESCO.

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