Interview with Flavio Aggio, Chief Information Security Officer, at the World Health Organization in Geneva

Geneva, 4 June 2020 — What are the main competencies to break into the field of cybersecurity? Flavio Aggio, Chief Information Security Officer at the World Health Organisation, in Geneva, spoke with The UN Brief about his career in Brazil, the US, and Europe, in the private and public sectors, and international organisations.

Regardless of the field of study the most important quality for Mr. Aggio is curiosity, a desire to continually learn. From open source material in the press to YouTube videos, keeping a finger on the pulse of developments in social behavior, digital culture, and social media can help prepare students for a career in cybersecurity.

Bug bounties, participating in competitions and challenges to better comprehend the human factor is security breaches, are also important learning experiences.

We also spoke about what organisations can do to create greater awareness among staff to prevent phishing attacks, as 90% of the breaches occur through links and files that are clicked accidentally, Mr. Aggio said. Regular training is good but one has to take a tailored approach to make sure that softwares are patched, before making breaches public, in addition of creating challenges for staff so they increase their awareness of the constantly evolving threats, and are vigilant.

Flavio Aggio, CISO, World Health Organization


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