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“Maya and The UN Brief have been providing rich insights into the workings and personalities of the UN. It has filled a gap in the multilateral intelligence market.” Steve MacFeely, Director, WHO

“I had the privilege of working with Maya Plentz as part of the Advisory Board of the Pascal Lamy High Level Group of Experts, the European Commission review of Horizon 2020 and its next funding cycle, Horizon Europe. I was enormously impressed by her knowledge and thought leadership on technology. I have subsequently remained in contact with Maya and find her critique and briefings around technology very interesting and insightful. Recommend getting to know her work.” Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace, Cranfield University

“Maya has been a great source of information in (and outside) of the UN System, and her work has helped us explain and clarify Giga’s efforts on technology and finance. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with her on stories and media pieces.”  Chris Fabian, Innovation Lead, UNICEF

Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change

UN Human Rights Council

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Ambassador Federico Villegas, President, UN Human Rights Council

Addressing Systemic Racism at the UN Human Rights Council

UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

Interview with Ambassador Amandeep Gill, UN Secretary General Tech Envoy

I interviewed H.E. Ambassador Dr. Amandeep Gill, former Permanent Representative of India to the UN Conference on Disarmament who was just appointed as the new UN Secretary General Tech Envoy, to speak about the platform for research and access to digital health and AI that he is leading, I-DAIR. We also spoke with Dr. Mehdi Snène, who heads the team developing the Global Research Map of Digital Health (GRM) at I-DAIR, the International Digital Health and AI Research Collaborative, and who will be taking over the CEO role at IDAIR.

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Dominique Hyde, Director of External Affairs, UNHCR

Ambassador Marc Finaud, Fellow, Geneva Center for Security Policy

ILO Director General: Pensions, Women, and Unpaid Child Care

UNESCO: AI Training for Judges in Africa

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO Assistant Director-General

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO Assistant Director-General

Human Rights Council: Right to Privacy Report

Brazil’s First Tech Diplomat in Silicon Valley: Dr. Eugenio Vargas Garcia

UN Leadership Development Programs: The Pandemic Impact

Ambassador Casper Clynge, VP European Affairs, Microsoft, on AI Regulatory Frameworks

Andrew Gilmour, CEO Berghof Foundation, on Climate Change and Conflict

Former Swiss Ambassador to the US, Martin Dahinden, on Switzerland’s Soft Power

Diplomat Alejandro R. Cardoso on the Power of Social Media for Diplomats

Interview with diplomat Alejandro Ramos Cardoso, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Mexico, New Zealand, to discuss digital diplomacy, and the ways that it has changed foreign policy.

Ambassador Jurg Lauber on Peace and Security in Cyberspace

Interview with Ambassador Jurg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland at the UN Office in Geneva, and Chair of the UN Open Ended Working Group for Cybersecurity. We spoke about the OEWG mandate to define the directions to create a framework to establish international technical cooperation.

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